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Diploma in OSH

Course Detail:

Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health is a multidisciplinary course aimed to train and produce competent professionals and expertise in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Upon completion of this programme, students will acquire the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required in Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). They will able to accurately measure the safety and health aspects of various work places. They will also be able to communicate legal requirements within various contexts and identify the implications of occupational safety and health science technology to protect workers in the twenty-first century.

Programme Code


Course Duration

Entry Requirement:

SPM or equivalent with 3 credits in the following subject:


Course Structure

Semester 1

Principles of Occupational Safety and Health

Anatomy and Human Physiology

Introduction to Hazardous Substances

Introductory Chemistry



Fundamental of Microbiology

Semester 2

OSH Consultation Processes

Fire Prevention skills

Environmental Health

First Aid & Emergency Planning

OSH Statistics

Compliances with OSH Law I

Semester 3

Malaysian Studies 2

Communicative English

Computer Application

Semester 4

Risk Identification and Assessment

Risk Control

Ergonomics I

OSH Management System

Basic Immunology

Hazardous Substances II

Occupational Hygiene I


Semester 5

Investigation of Incidents

Emergency Procedures

Workplace Hazard Management

Machinery and Equipment Safety

Occupational Hygiene II

Semester 6

OSH Industrial Practical

Semester 7

Business Operation Management

People Performance Management

Rehabilitation and Return to Work

Organisational Leadership

Semester 8

Compliance with OSH Law II

Research Methodology

Ergonomics II

OSH Audit

Semester 9

OSH Workplace Case Study

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