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This programme is specifically designed to provide:

Admission required:


Level 1

Level 1 comprises 10 common modules within all management awards. The Legal, Business Environment and Computing & IT in the Workplace modules provide a context within which businesses operate

The Business & Communications Skills and Introduction to Services Management modules provide the skills and competence that will be used throughout the programme. You are then introduced to the four principal functions of a business - Management, Marketing, People Management and Accounting. Important and relevant skills for independent learning are also introduced

Commomn Modules

• Accounting Skills

• Business and Communications Skills

• Business Environment

• Computing and IT in the Workplace

• Introduction to Management

• Introduction to Services Management

• Legal Environment of Business

• Marketing

• People Management

• Quantitative Skills

In addition to the above, all students are also required to successfully complete General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency, as well as fulfill credit requirements for Co-Curricular Activities

Level 2

Here, specific modules deal with organisational and customer-related issues with emphasis on delivering value to the customers. These are common to all management programmes. The other modules provide a broad understanding of Accounting, Operations and Management in an organisation.

Common Modules

• Behavioural Science in the Organisation

• Business Ethics and Governance

• Delivering Customer Value

• Financial Management

• Managing Information System in Organisation

• Research Methods

Specialised Modules

• Commercial Law

• Critical Thinking in Management

• E-Business Management

• International Business

• E-Marketing

• Operations Management

• Quality Management


After the completion of Level 2 students will undertake a short Internship/Industrial Training. This will prepare them for a smooth transition from the classroom to the world of International Business Management.

Year 3

Here, the emphasis is on strategy and decision-making in an international context. There are modules in the international dimensions of Finance, HRM, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and Strategic Management. The objective is to explore understanding and to analyse business management internationally where businesses must act global and think local, sometimes referred to as “Glocalisation”. The module on Asian Success in the Global Economy places particular emphasis on how businesses in this region have competed in the global marketplace. This is reinforced by the module on Problem-Solving and another on Decision-Making.

The Project further develops the academic and practical aspects of your chosen area of study in International Business and reinforces your independent learning skills.

Common Modules

• Corporate Finance

• Strategic Management

Specialised Modules

• Asian Success and the Global Economy

• Global Marketing

• International Business Management Project

• International Corporate Finance

• International HRM

• International Strategic Management

• Investigation in International Business Management

• Managing International Supply Chains

• Managing People and Performance

Note: The specialism will appear only in the academic transcript


Any functional areas including sales, marketing, personnel and also distribution. These are common in larger companies with international links or those engaged in the import / export business, and may also include smaller companies seeking export business.

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