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This programme is specifically designed to provide:

Admission required:


Level 1

This level provides a valuable platform of knowledge to the study of accounting in the modern world. Students will be equipped with mathematical, communication skills and be conversant in the technical language and practices of the accounting sector in the market economy. It also provides students with an understanding of the legal, business and social environment in which accounting operates

Entrepreneurial skills focusing on understanding the principles and concepts of entrepreneurship, generating business ideas, and also in managing small businesses is also introduced in this level

Commomn Modules

• Quantitative and Statistical Methods

• Introduction to Management

• Business and Communication Skills

• Financial Accounting 1

• Business Economics

• Islamic Finance

• Financial Accounting 2

• Accounting Information Systems

• Business Law

• Marketing

• Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

• Entrepreneurship Project

In addition to the above, all students are also required to successfully complete General Studies modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency, as well as fulfill credit requirements for Co-Curricular Activities

Level 2

This level provides knowledge and skills of taxation principles, the requirement and compliance of tax law in preparing accounting records. This area of understanding will be supported by the Tax Framework module and Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP System. The students will have the hands-on training with the system in the lab and ensures that they will be thoroughly acquainted with this important software application. At this level, all students are introduced to the Business Research Methods which exposes them to how to write research proposals and conduct research.

Common Modules

• Advanced Financial Accounting

• Introduction to taxation

• Financial Management

• Cost and Management Accounting

• Auditing and Assurance

• Integrated Business Processes with SAP ERP System

• Corporate Reporting

• Business Research Methods

• Management Accounting Techniques

• Company Law

Specialised Modules

• Advanced Auditing

• Regulatory Policy for Investment Markets


At APU, we encourage our students to be entrepreneurial and innovative. After the completion of Level 2, students will undertake a short internship/industrial training of a minimum of 12 weeks. This will provide our students opportunities to engage with realworld business problems both in our programmes and in our renowned Professional Training placements.

Level 3

This level provides a comprehensive study of taxation practices and issues related to tax activities. This will involve planning and application of advanced tax principles in business practices. This area of understanding will be supported by Advanced Taxation, Tax & Accounting and Tax Planning.

All students at Level 3 will have to undertake an investigation module and a supervised project in their respective discipline. This project will further develop the academic and practical aspects of the student’s chosen area of study and reinforces independent learning skills.

Common Modules

• Ethics and Corporate Governance

• Corporate Finance

• Advanced Taxation

• Strategic Management Accounting

• Business Analysis

Specialised Modules

• Financial Risk management

• Advanced Taxation

• Business Taxation

• Tax Planning

• Tax and Accounting

• Investigations in Taxation

• Taxation Project

Note: The specialism will only appear in the academic transcript


Professionals who can deliver good performance in the field of taxation are always in demand. The aspirants can join any related organisations as Tax Accountants, Employment Tax Specialists, State Local Tax Attorney Specialists. Tax Policy Analysts, Tax Recruiters, Tax Advisors, Tax Managers, Tax Examiners, Collectors, Revenue Agents, etc.

Upon completion of B.A (Hons) in Accounting & Finance (with a specialism in Taxation), students are eligible for exemptions in the below Professional Accounting Bodies. Students who articulate from the APU Diploma Programme will be granted exemptions based on the prevalent policy of the relevant professional bodies.

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