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This programme is specifically designed to provide:

Admission required:

Diploma Course Structure:

Semester 1

In this semester students will be equipped with basic mathematical, language and communication as well as information technology skills. Throughout the duration of the semester, students will be exposed to various terminologies and basic concepts related to business managerial skills. These skills are imperative for a smooth transition to the following semester.


• English for Academic Purposes

• Numerical Skills

• Managing Business

• Practical IT Skills

Semester 2

The modules Professional Communications, Academic Research Skills and Quantitative Methods that are offered in this semester help to further develop students’ knowledge and skills significantly with emphasis on aspects that are core to the study of business. Also the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship module will begin to take the student through the process and the methods involved in the early stages of venture creation.


• Professional Communication

• Academic Research Skills

• Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

• Quantitative Methods

Semester 3

This semester moves the students from the basic business concepts and procedures to more advanced topics like People Management, Marketing and Business Economics. Financial Accounting module will expand their knowledge and efficiency in solving problems and making decisions in different areas of business.


• People Management

• Financial Accounting

• Marketing

• Business Economics

Semester 4

The modules in this semester are aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and skills in the legal, statistical and financial aspects of business. In addition, students are exposed to International Business module which allows the students to understand the environmental and cultural issues facing global organisations. Besides, the Managing Information Systems module will also introduce the students to applications of business data communications.


• International Business

• Legal Framework of Business

• Business Statistics

• Principles of Finance

• Managing Information Systems

Semester 5

The final semester allows students to progress into more advanced areas of business and management. Students will experience a balance of business theories and practical applications. In addition, students will also select 2 option modules during the semester. Supported by accounting module, they are expected to be able to demonstrate cognitive and intellectual skills relevant to business.


• Organisational Behaviour

• Managing Services

• Cost Accounting

Option Modules A

• Consumer Behaviour

• Business Operations

• Computer Technology

Option Modules B

• E-Business

• E-Commerce

• Internet Applications

Further Studies:

Upon successful completion of this programme, you will be eligible to progress into any of the following degree programmes offered at APU:

• BA (Hons) in Business Management

• BA (Hons) in Business Management with a specialism in E-Business

• BA (Hons) in International Business Management

• BA (Hons) in Marketing Management

• BA (Hons) in Human Resource Management

• BSc (Hons) in Media Informatics

• BSc (Hons) in Media Marketing

• BSc (Hons) in Media Marketing with a specialism in Social Media

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