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Diploma in Management

Course Detail:

Astin College University Sains Malaysia (USM)

The Bachelor of Management degree programme, USM, was introduced in the 1984/1985 academic session, as one of the degree programmes offered by the School of Social Sciences. In December 1989, the management section under the School of Social Sciences became an academic school on its own, known as the School of Management. Over the past 25 years the school has enjoyed a huge success. It was named the best school in the teaching of management and accounting in the year 2003. It was a result of a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Higher Education to a Consortium of Professors from New Zealand in collaboration with a local auditing company, Atarik & Company. Other measures of achievements are the employability of its graduates by multi-national companies and the big 4 audit firms as well as high reception of practitioners of activities run and managed by the school. Along with the success stories, the School of Management continues with its improvement efforts by constantly changing and coordinating its curriculum.

Changes in the business environment have given rise to many management issues such as: globalisation; concentration on the manufacturing sector; sophisticated and innovative technology, which include automation and computers; rapid expansion of the capital markets; enhancement of work ethics and other issues deemed important in the future. The curriculum of the School of Management provides training for the future leaders to cope with the changing economic and social landscape

Course Duration

Entry Requirement:

Course Structure

• Business Law

• Introduction to Management

• Microeconomics

• Macroeconomics

• Financial Accounting

• Introduction to Managerial Psychology

• Business Research Method

• Accounting Management

• Operations Management

• Principles of Marketing

• Organisational Behaviour

• Principles of Finance

• Practical Training

• Strategic Management

• Business Ethics

• International Business

• Entrepreneurship

• Corporate Finance

• Management of Financial Institutions and Markets

• Analysis of Financial Statements

• International Finance

• Financial Derivatives

• Security Investment & Portfolio Management

• Organizational Theory

• Industrial Relations

• International Management

• Human Resource Management

• Organizational Development

• Management Psychology

• Introduction to Mass Communication

• Advertising

• Communication for Sustainable Development

• Public Relations

• Integrated Marketing Communication

• Corporate Communication

• Media Laws and Ethics

• Business Communication I

• Business Communication I

• Business Statistics

• Islamic Finance

• Management Studies

• Thinking Technique

• Introduction to Human Communication

• Academic English

• Business and Communication English

• Bahasa Malaysia IV

• Islamic and Asian Civilisation (TITAS)

• Ethnic Relations

• Introduction to Communication Studies

• Media and Gender

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