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Diploma in Computer Science

Course Detail:

The FTMS Diploma has advance standing for entering into the final year of Degree programmes offered by various highly rated Universities subject to the applicant meeting their entry requirements. Technology is progressing at a fast pace and it is important to cater to and cope with the needs of the IT industry. The FTMS Diploma in Computer Science is designed to provide students with the appropriate knowledge and expertise in designing and building computer systems and software applications. It covers the fundamental aspects of computer hardware and software, with additional skills to groom well-rounded individuals to succeed in today's world.

Course Duration

Admission required:


Prior to the start of any year of a course (including prior to the start of year 1 at the application stage), a student may request exemption from one or more specific taught modules during the year on the basis of previous qualifications or experience.

Exemptions will only be considered where the relevant course regulations allow for module exemptions to be granted.

Students with relevant Diploma or equivalent qualifications will be exempted from academic year 1 and 2 depending on their qualifications, subjects to approval from the Examination Board.


Assessment is through a mix of examination, coursework and essays, plus other oral and activity-based assignments. Coursework includes problem-solving activities, consultancy projects, presentations and individual and group reports.


Graduates will be awarded the MQA(Malaysian Qualifications Agency) accredited Diploma after completion of all three academic years.


Year 1

Statistic and Numerical Methods

Fundamentals of Computing

Business Communication

Business Organisation

Accounting Principles

English for Learning

Malaysian Studies

Islamic Studies / Moral Studies

Bahasa Malaysia

Year 2

Computer Systems and Architecture

Data Communication and Networking

Computing Ethics

C Programming

Object Oriented Programming with C++

Multimedia Design

Operating Systems

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Java Programming

English for Professionals

Year 3

Database Management Systems

Algorithms and Data Structures

Visual Basic

Macro Economics

Software Engineering

Computer Graphics

Web Application Technologies

Computer Communication and Networking



Advanced Java Programming



Career Opportunities

Graduates are exceptionally well suited to positions in which computing and technology are applied towards making strategic and operational contributions to the functioning, improvement and renewal of commercial and non-commercial organizations

Graduates can seek various career opportunities at executive levels such as:

Database Administrators

Web Application Developers

Multimedia Designers


Network Technicians

Hardware Technicians

Systems Administrators

IT Executives

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