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Programme Description

The Diploma on Occupational Safety & Health (Security) program at SMART College will expand your knowledge and skills in:

• Occupational Safety & Health (OSH)

• Occupational Hygiene

• Risk Management

• Hazard Management

• OSH Management System

• Legislation & Regulation applications

We also provide ‘real world’ experience in our programs to expose our students to a wide variety of actual safety issues. All these knowledge and skills will equip you to be ready to tackle actual problems in your future work place and are able to be adaptable and flexible to changing situations.

Modules Will Be Studied

Listed below are some of the core modules the student will be learning:

We also concentrate on laboratory analysis and to the presentation of expert testimony in a moot court session. The Industrial Training can be done with various Government and Private Agencies from many industries

Admission required

Careers Opportunities

Graduates of the Diploma in Emergency and Security Management program can expect to apply for professional and leadership positions in emergency management, public safety, business continuity and security with:

• Oil & Gas

• Manufacturing

• Hotels

• Construction

• Government & Private Sector

There is a major shortage of experts in the area of Occupational Safety. In alignment with the Vision 2020, Malaysia is looking to increase the amount of experts in this industry. Health & Safety Officer. Some examples of jobs are listed below:

• Safety & Security Officer

• Enforcement Officer

• Emergency Response Officer

• Staff of Work safe Malaysia

• Occupational health and safety consultants

• Occupational health nurses

• Medical practitioners involved in occupational medicine

• Environmental health, air pollution and noise control specialists

• Occupational hygienists

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