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Programme Description

This program combines the modules of Crisis Management, Emergency Response and Management, in creating a student who is able to respond to crisis in the business environment and enhancing the business continuity for the company in this evolving globalized world.

Students should also be able to provide critical assessment, be innovative, ethical, responsible and responsive global leaders who will make a difference in their profession and to the community.

Modules Will Be Studied

Admission required

Careers Opportunities

Graduates of the Diploma in Emergency and Security Management program can expect to apply for professional and leadership positions in emergency management, public safety, business continuity and security with:

Federal emergency programs

Healthcare organizations

Educational institutions

International organizations, such as the Red Cross

Private security agencies

Crown corporations


Private businesses in areas such as transportation, natural resources, gaming, hospitality and recreation

Typical Job Titles Could Include:

Emergency Program Manager

Emergency Program Coordinator

Emergency Planner

Security Coordinator

Director of Safety and Security

Manager, Public Safety

Director of Emergency Management

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