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Programme Introduction

Diploma in Communication and Media is a collaboration programme with Faculty of Communication and Media Studies, UiTM. The programme is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to undertake a variety of mass media support roles in various organizations. The programme is also aimed at providing a firm foundation to students who wish to advance their study in the field of mass communication

The programme will be able to foster creativity and innovation, interpersonal and communication skills, vital in mass communication practices. It is also to foster high ethical values and social responsibilities among the students. This fully accredited programme by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA), provides students with a portfolio of the all essential skills of communication and media industry, as well as key transferable skills including communication and information technology

With a strong occupational orientation, the programme provides an approach to the study of media, combining theoretical study with the development of practical media and communications skills. Students will gain media writing skills, audio video production, television commercial, radio broadcasting and print production, by using the latest production equipment and software

Graduate of the programme will have the opportunity to work in the public and private sectors. They will be supporting the professional and specialist groups in the areas of journalism, broadcasting, public relations, advertising, publishing, marketing, and other areas related to communication and media

Entry requirement Option 1:

Passed SPM / SPMV with 5 credits inclusive of:

Entry requirement Option 2:

Additional Information

Career Pathway

Students who have successfully completed the course can find employment in the private and public sectors as:

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