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Programme Introduction

Diploma in Tourism Management (HM111) UiTM collaboration program was first introduced in 2005. This program will take 3 years (6 semesters) to expose students to tourism world as a whole. Diploma in Tourism Management has also approved the MQA to verify the quality of this program.

During the study, students not only learn various subjects in the travel element, but also expose to other subjects such as management, marketing and computer applications. In the 6th semester, students are required to undergo industrial training for 18 weeks to expose students to real working world.

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to pursue degree studies in local universities and overseas. In addition, this program offers many job opportunities in the tourism sector, whether government or private sector including the State Tourism Action Council, a travel agency, hotel and resort management, event planning, management of exhibitions and conferences, and recreation.

Entry requirement Option 1:

Passed SPM / SPMV with 5 credits inclusive of:

Entry requirement Option 2: With Pre-Diploma

Entry requirement Option 3: With Certificates

Additional Information

Career Pathway

Students who have successfully completed the course can find employment in the private and public sectors as:

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