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Programme Introduction

Diploma in Business Management is a collaboration programme with the Faculty of Economics and Management, UPM

The programme is designed to give people a complete education about running and maintaining a business. Business students are not only taught the basic principles of management in textbooks, but they are also will be given real situations to examine so that they can bring these principles to life. The first hand experience is extremely valuable to business students as they counterfeit into the real business world

The program is fully accredited programme by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) as it provides students with all essential skills of business including Management, Marketing, Accounting, entrepreneurship and Business Communication

Upon completion of a 3-year study, students will be prepared with knowledge and skills related to Business Management. Students will be awarded Diploma in Business Management from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) during the convocation which will be held at the main campus of UPM

Entry requirement:

Passed SPM / SPMV with 5 credits inclusive of:

Additional Information

Career Pathway

Students who have successfully completed the course can find employment in the private and public sectors as:

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