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Diploma in Nursing

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Nurses form a key part of the medical team. In hospital settings, nurses are at the frontline the action whilst providing most parts of patient care. They administer medications, supervise the use of medical equipment, observe and directly care for patients, and act as intermediaries between patients and their families or physicians.

Nurses may practice in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, private homes, schools, pharmaceutical companies (As researchers), industry (Occupational health settings), cruise ships, retirement homes, hospice facilities, long-term care facilities, military facilities, and even college campuses. Some nurses may also advise and work as consultants in the healthcare, insurance, or legal industries. Nurses can work full or part-time, and many work on a per diem basis or as travelling nurses.

The Diploma in Nursing (DNS) was methodically designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge they require to be qualified as a Registered Nurse, enabling them to enter the workforce in the healthcare industry as a fully qualified nurse.

This programme focuses on both the sciences and the arts; the sciences is the application of nursing knowledge and other technical aspects of practice while the arts encompasses the establishment of a caring relationship through which nurses apply their knowledge, skills and sound judgement in a compassionate behaviour.

Students will go through a complete learning experience in Vision College involving theoretical sessions, practical activities at simulation wards and skills lab, as well as exposure to real life experience during clinical attachments with our partner hospitals and community health clinics during this 3-year programme.

This programme is approved by the Malaysian Qualification Academy (MQA) and is also recognized by the Ministry of Health & the Malaysian Nursing Board.

Intake Date:

January, April, July & October

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