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City University Malaysia Provide high-quality industry and market-driven education courses and programs to cultivate knowledge-based, socially responsible leaders and managers. Cultivate high-quality graduates to maintain a balance between professional skills, communication skills, curiosity, ethical behavior, and employability for lifelong learning. To become a recognized leading university of higher learning, unswervingly pursuing excellence and perfection


We are very pleased that you have chosen Malaysia City University as your university of choice! We firmly believe that you made the right decision. We understand that studying abroad away from family and friends can be exciting, but in order to To support you within, we have created this practical guide to help you prepare for the first few days of relocating to Malaysia and at City University of Malaysia.

CITY University programs offered & Tuition fees International students

Diploma in Civil Engineering2.5 years$US 2,840
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Information Technology2.5 years$US 2,840
Diploma in Graphic Design3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Multimedia3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Culinary Arts3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Hotel Management3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Fashion Design3 years$US 2,840
Diploma in Architectural Technology3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Interior Design3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Nursing3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Corporate Communication3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Mass Communication3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Early Childhood Education3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Management2.5 years$US 2,840
Diploma in Human Resource Management3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Business Management3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Office Management3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Accountancy3 years$US 2,367
Diploma in Islamic Banking3 years$US 2,367
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)3 years$US 3,380
Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance (Hons)3 years$US 3,440
Bachelor of Accounting (Hons)4 years$US 2,719
Bachelor of Engineering Management (Hons)3 years$US 3,913
Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Corporate Communication3 years$US 4,672
Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons)3 years$US 3,380
Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism3 years$US 3,503
Bachelor of Education (Hons) In Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)3 years$US 3,503
Bachelor of Applied Psychology (Hons)3 years$US 3,470
Bachelor of Education (Hons) Early Childhood Education3 years$US 3,503
Bachelor of Occupational Health & Safety (Hons)4 years$US 4,036
Bachelor of Environmental Health (Hons)4 years$US 4,036
Bachelor of Biomedical (Hons)4 years$US 4,036
Bachelor of Science (Hons) Architectural Design3 years$US 3,626
Bachelor of Interior Design (Hons)3.5 years$US 3,108
Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons)3 years$US 3,503
Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Software Engineering3 years$US 3,470
Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons)3 years$US 3,380
Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons)3 years$US 3,470
Bachelor of Multimedia (Hons)3 years$US 3,470
Bachelor of Electronic Engineering (Hons)4 years$US 3,335
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons)4 years$US 3,335
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)4 years$US 3,335


Master of Science (By Research) In Business Administration (MScBA)1.5 years$US 4,550
Master of Business Administration (MBA)1.5 years$US 4,666
Master of Mechanical Engineering (MME)1 year$US 5,789
Master of Information Technology (MIT)1.4 years$US 4,875
Master of Education (MED)1 year$US 5,789
Doctorate of Philosophy (PHD)3 years$US 2,827
Doctoral Business Administration (DBA)3 years$US 2,827



  • Yes they are Officially recognized by the Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi (Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia)

Contact us to know intake date for your programme

UndergraduateBand 5.5 and aboveThe minimum scores of 46 and above
PostgraduateBand 6.0 and aboveTOEFL (iBT) score of 60 and above


  • PDF copy for your passport (all pages)
  • white background photo
  • High school certificate 

Yes there is on campus accommodation at City University Malaysia 

There are a variety of condo , hostels , and houses near to City university we usually arrange the accommodation for students who apply with us 

U No, Menara City, 8, Jalan 51a/223, Seksyen 51a, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

registration steps

1 - Eligibility Letter

1- The first page of the passport
2- A white background photo
via email or WhatsApp and need to be complete within 2 to 4 working days

2 - Student Visa Process

1- All passport pages
2- High School Certificate original copy and translated version in English
3. Visa fee payment receipt complete within 20 to 40 working days

3 - Accommodation

In case you want to book accommodation through us. Send your ticket and we will offer the available rooms to you to choose the type of room you want and we will book the room for you in advance

4 - Airport Pickup

Coordination for reception at Malaysia Airport: All foreign students who come to Malaysia on a student visa, after arriving at Malaysia airport can not get out of the airport, but you must coordinate in advance for your arrival, so that the representative of the University will go to the airport on the day of your arrival and do the necessary administrative procedures for your exit from the airport, and then take you from the airport to your destination

5 - Arrival

Upon arrival , students must pay the university fees and go through medical examination