IUKL Tuition Fees and Intake Dates


IUKL University Malaysia was rated 5 stars in the teaching and facilities category in the latest 2020 QS scoring system. IUKL has been engaged in the education industry for more than 20 years and has been providing quality education and outstanding professional services in various fields. IUKL is one of the highest-ranked universities in Malaysia and the only infrastructure university in Malaysia. We hope to stay ahead in the field of infrastructure. infrastructure university kuala lumpur believes that “infrastructure” is not limited to buildings, architecture and technology, but also includes soft “infrastructures” such as communications, language skills, business and information technology

Study at IUKL

At IUKL University, we create a discovery environment that promotes learning and rewards creativity. Our goal is to bring ideas and inventions to students and society. Therefore, IUKL recognizes the importance of integrating industrial needs into academic research. All R&D activities of the university are managed and strengthened by the Research Management Center (RMC). It coordinates and supports intellectual property services in academia to promote research, development, commercialization and intellectual property protection. The activities carried out by the center cover basic research and applied research in the fields of science, technology and social sciences

IUKL programs offered & Tuition fees International students

Architecture2.5 years$US 5,358
Geomatic Engineering2.5 years$US 3,245
Quantity Surveying2.5 years$US 4,200
Landscape Architecture2.5 years$US 4,250
Civil Engineering2.5 years$US 3,989
Mechanical Engineering2.5 years$US 3,870
Automotive Engineering2.5 years$US 3,936
Electrical & Electronics Engineering2.5 years$US 3,768
Information Technology2.5 years$US 3,768
Software Engineering2.5 years$US 3,875
Visual and Interactive Media2.5 years$US 4,147
Corporate Communication2.5 years$US 3,915
English for Professional Communication2.5 years$US 3,663
Business Administration2.5 years$US 4,475
Accounting2.5 years$US 3,884
Agricultural Science (Plantation Management)2.5 years$US 3,800
Biotechnology2.5 years$US 3,800
Sports Management2.5 years$US 3,263
Communication (Hons) in Integrated Marketing Communication3 years$US 4,894
BA (Hons) Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages3 years$US 4,833
BA (Hons) in English for Professional Communication3 years$US 5,043
Business Administration (Hons) in E-Commerce3 years$US 5,150
Business Administration (Hons)3 years$US 5,150
Accountancy (Hons)3.5 years$US 5,097
Science (Hons) in Logistics and Supply Chain Management3 years$US 5,859
Science (Hons) in Economics and Finance3 years$US 5,859
Biotechnology (Hons)3 years$US 5,640
Agricultural Science (Plantation Management) (Hons)3 years$US 5,684


Technology (Hons) in Construction Management3 years$US 5,885
Technology (Hons) in Automotive3 years$US 5,885
Technology (Honours) in Electro-mechanical3.5 years$US 5,466
Computer Science (Hons)3 years$US 5,575
Information Technology (Hons) in Network Technology3 years$US 5,575
Information System (Hons)3 years$US 5,575
Software Engineering (Hons)3 years$US 5,575
Information Technology (Hons) In Multimedia3 years$US 5,575
Communication (Hons) in Corporate Communication3 years$US 5,114


Science (Architectural Studies)3 years$US 7,359
Landscape Architecture3 years$US 6,421
Quantity Surveying (Hons)3 years$US 5,903
Real Estate Management (Hons)3.5 years$US 4,894
Civil Engineering with Honours4 years$US 5,888
Electronics Engineering with Honours4 years$US 5,230
Mechanical Engineering with Honours4 years$US 5,256


Technology1.5 years$US 6,561
Architecture1.5 years$US 6,158
Science In Water Resources2 years$US 7,263
Civil Engineering (By Research)1.5 years$US 7,263
Electronics Engineering (By Research)1.5 years$US 7,263
Information Systems1.5 years$US 7,150
Communication1.5 years$US 7,150
Arts In Teaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages1.5 years$US 7,050
Business Administration1 years$US 9,237



Most frequent question asked
  • Yes they are Officially recognized by the Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi (Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia)
MUETBand 3Band 4
Pearson Test In English (Academic)4759
Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)B1B2
Cambridge Placement Test (CEPT)154169


  • PDF copy for your passport (all pages)
  • white background photo
  • High school certificate 

Yes there is on campus accommodation at IUKL 

There are a variety of condo , hostels , and houses near to IUKL university Malaysia we usually arrange the accommodation for students who apply with us 

Unipark Suria, Jalan Ikram-Uniten, 43000 Kajang, Selangor

registration steps

1 - Eligibility Letter

1- The first page of the passport
2- A white background photo
via email or WhatsApp and need to be complete within 2 to 4 working days

2 - Student Visa Process

1- All passport pages
2- High School Certificate original copy and translated version in English
3. Visa fee payment receipt complete within 20 to 40 working days

3 - Accommodation

In case you want to book accommodation through us. Send your ticket and we will offer the available rooms to you to choose the type of room you want and we will book the room for you in advance

4 - Airport Pickup

Coordination for reception at Malaysia Airport: All foreign students who come to Malaysia on a student visa, after arriving at Malaysia airport can not get out of the airport, but you must coordinate in advance for your arrival, so that the representative of the University will go to the airport on the day of your arrival and do the necessary administrative procedures for your exit from the airport, and then take you from the airport to your destination

5 - Arrival

Upon arrival , students must pay the university fees and go through medical examination